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222 - Chris Armstrong
803 - Arturo
962 - Seth Doherty
983 - Lucas

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A Network Thinking Solutions Inc. technician will be connecting to your PC. In order to employ this connection, a small applet must be downloaded. After the session has been terminated, all traces of the applet will disappear from the remote PC. The connection will employ an end-to-end 256-bit SSL encryption. You will retain control for the duration of this session and can terminate the session at anytime. Please close any personal or confidential information on your screen, as the technician will be viewing your desktop. The client understands that some problems may not be able to be rectified via a remote link. It is the client's responsibility to backup all applications and data prior to the session.

Network Thinking Solutions bills a minimum fee of 1/2 hour for the convenience of this service. We use technology from Bomgar in order to make this connection.
The session is logged, recorded and saved for 30 days from the end of the session.

BeyondTrust Remote Support